Thursday, June 04, 2009


By Mary Blankenship

Everyone writes at least 1 thing down they like about each person in Advisory. The advisor collects them and types up, what everyone said about each person. Then on a given day, I handed back each list with the girl's name at the top, the meaning of their name under that and then a list of nice things that people in their advisory said about them. I gave these out with home-made cookies and milk for one of our last Fridays together.

The girls really liked it and I could tell it meant a lot to them.

Materials: Paper & Pen

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Clean Up

By Jared Treadway

I take them out on the playground and collect trash in one bag and recyclables in the other. There's some grumbling and goofing off, but we also get a cleaner playground.

Materials: trash bags

Tournament Days

By Gary Hartoin

One thing we do to stay connected is have occasional “Tournament Day” which students can create and then run the brackets, rules. Some examples are tic tac toe; chop sticks; rock, paper scissors; 10 fingers; hoops 1v1; NCAA March Madness brackets; DDR; Guitar Hero; etc. Many other games can be done in tournament format.

Materials: various

Scripture Time

By Steve McCollum

Every day students look up something in the Bible that relates to a particular theme. We have also done Bible trivia and sword drills, but at least once a day we want to open the word of God together.

Guys have shared some amazing verses and concepts with each other. They have also gotten more familiar with their Bible and how to look things up and where to find particular subjects.

Materials: Bible

Service Day

By Tom Gullett

Every Thursday, I take my advisory students and we go out into the building and clean up. They sweep the stairs, clean teachers' white boards, pick up garbage off the playground, pick up the halls, clean windows, do projects for Lonnie when he needs help, clean the tops of lockers, etc.

The guys don't complain at all, they know it's Thursday and they know they have a job to do. I would suggest that you assign jobs that rotate every week, because obviously some jobs are coveted more than others. :)

Materials: cleaning supplies

Traffic is Fun!

By Dave Sauve

Tell your kids it is time to take a field trip. Begin by walking them outside to Montgomery Road. Once you arrive, tell the kids to "go play in traffic!" As they frolic about - sit back and relax.

It can get a bit messy, but the end result is a smaller and much more cautious advisory group.

Materials: 1 street (busy is better), Multiple cars (bigger is better), advisory students

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mancala Tournament

By Jennifer Outzs

I teach the kids how to play mancala (Euchre would be fun too) then we have a tournament to get a "winner". It's fun!! The kids learn how to play a new game and learn how to win (and lose) gracefully.

Materials: mancala boards (there are plenty of them in the math supply closet)